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Ecosystem Planning--Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. provides management plans for native ecosystem restoration. Plans begin with the determination of target ecosystem type based on geomorphology, physical land characteristics, comparisons to local native land types, and remnant native flora. Once the target ecosystem has been determined, the plan outlines the steps necessary to accomplish restoration.


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Monitoring & Analysis--Monitoring ecosystem flora allows land managers to track the conditions of ecosystems, set appropriate goals and to adaptively manage sites. Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. provides expert monitoring and analysis of native ecosystem flora.



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Reintroduction of Native Species--Returning the native flora to a project site is an important part of an ecosystem restoration project.

Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. develops seed mixes to restore the native flora of the project site, chooses species appropriate for the project site and determines the amount of seed needed.

Many native species require a cool, moist period to break dormancy and seeding plans take this need into account. Occasionally plugs are used to help restore a native plant community.


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