Oak Woodland Restoration, Bull Valley, Illinois

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The woodland on this 6 acre rural home site was dense with honeysuckle, buckthorn, and smaller trees. The trees were shade killing the lower branches of the native oaks.

  • Project began with determining the target native plant community for this Kamic Ridge Oak Woodland.
  • Invasive shrubs and trees were removed, the stumps were herbicided and re-sprouts were sprayed using care to protect oaks.
  • Because the invasive woody plants shaded out the ground flora, many not-natives and weedy native plants could take advantage of the bare soil. Early and persistent control of garlic mustard, Canada thistle, pokeweed, etc. was necessary.
  • Prescribed burning restored native fire conditions to the site.
  • A seed mix of native woodland grasses, sedges, and forbs was planted.
  • The seed mix is beginning to crowd out the invasive ground flora, lessening the time needed in invasive species control.
  • An open woodland with native ground flora blooming from April through October is returning to the project site.