Value Statements

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Remnant Ecosystems--Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. strongly values remnant native ecosystems and is dedicated to the understanding, preservation, restoration and maintenance of these rare landscape features.

People--The health of people and ecosystems is linked through the process of co-evolution. In dealing with our clients, our employees and the public, we value the contribution of each individual, strive to further ecosystem understanding, and work toward creating a climate of mutual respect. People have a need to interact with nature and Witness Tree supports that relationship.

Ecosystem Infrastructure--Human use areas need to be retrofitted to offer transit oriented, human scale living that contributes to overall ecosystem health. We believe in the importance of using ecosystem processes and ecosystem types as reference models to restore land as buffers to remnant natural areas and as green infrastructure in human communities.


Mission Statement

Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. performs effective and economical ecosystem services for clients.

Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. values the contributions of each employee and works to provide for employee safety, respectful working conditions and fair compensation.

Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc. supports the work of charitable environmental groups through the donation of in-kind services, cash contributions and by supporting the work of staff members.