About Us

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Welcome to the Witness Tree Native Landscapes, Inc.

Our highly trained and dedicated staff members are excited to work with you to restore your native landscape.

We believe that our remnant ecosystems are not only refuges of native plant and animal species, but also encompass the relationships between native organisms and the physical environment. These systems have evolved in place over the millennia. These are very special places that need to be protected, and often, restored to their historic glory. Witness Tree works to erase the changes caused by modern land use, such as invasive species and lack of fire, and to foster the restoration of the system of interdependencies that is the native landscape.

Restoring native ecosystems and bringing people into relationship with these areas drives the work of Witness Tree staff both during our work and also as volunteers. For us, it is not a vocation as much as a way of life.

Join with us in making the world a better place by restoring your bit of paradise.


Mary Zaander,
President, Ecologist